Introducing a new way to grow with Watch Studies

Introducing a new way to grow with Watch Studies

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From the very start, Watch Studies has always been about making photography more accessible to everyone. It's been a mission that has fueled 55 Study Club tutorials, 18 gear recommendations, and even an epic 10K celebration where I gave away a brand new iPad Mini and a handful of my favorite creative tools. All this and more in the spirit of empowering the community to create more of what they love. All completely free. And all made possible only through the generous support of all you passionate creators.

Introducing the Watch Studies Patreon page55 Study Club tutorials and counting!

So today, in an effort to extend upon this mission, I’m super excited to announce a brand new way to support Watch Studies' initiatives, to connect more personally, and to continue your growth in watch photography: the Watch Studies Patreon page. I hope you'll consider becoming one of my first patrons!

Support Watch Studies on Patreon

If you’re unfamiliar with Patreon, it’s a platform to help support your favorite creators through monthly subscriptions in exchange for exclusive benefits and perks. In short, by subscribing to Watch Studies through Patreon, you're showing appreciation for my work and enabling me to keep doing what I do. And with 3 available tiers of benefits, there's something for everyone who wants to contribute directly to the future of Watch Studies.

Here are 5 more reasons to support Watch Studies through Patreon:

1. Support the ongoing creation of free high quality tutorials and community content.

First and foremost, your subscription enables me to continue keeping Study Club and all my community projects freely available to all. It’s the bread and butter of Watch Studies and it’s what I’m most passionate about. Your support is not only an investment in me as a creator but an investment in this creative community as a whole.

Watch Photography Cheat Sheets by Watch StudiesCheat sheets for 5 of the community's favorite watch shot styles, now available to all patrons.

2. Get exclusive resources to help you create more of what you love.

The only thing better than free stuff is free stuff you can actually use. As of now, I’ve already posted 5 shot recipe cheat sheets and a raw photo package to practice editing with. This is only the beginning as I plan on releasing more free resources that have helped me thrive.

3. Get early access to new products and projects.

Be the first to see and know about new products and projects I’m working on. There’s no shortage of things on my to-do list and I’d love to be able to share more of them even before they’re ready for the public’s eye. Plus, I get the privilege of partnering with some amazing brands sometimes, so you can expect to occasionally get early access to new drops too.

4. Get direct and actionable feedback through 1:1 monthly photo critiques.

Critiques are an essential ingredient in the creative field and I’d love to bring them to our community. Let’s hang out face-to-face (wild, I know!) over video every month to review work, celebrate progress, and tackle challenges. Nothing beats the experience of literally pointing at and discussing creative work together.

5. Join a more personalized space to study, create, and share together.

I’m pulling back the curtains even further and offering a rawer view into my world. More behind-the-scenes looks, more distillations of how work comes together, and more of the ins-and-outs that fill my life as a full time creator. More importantly, we’ll have a great place for more transparent conversations and intimate dialog about the topics that fuel your creative ambitions.

See the full list of patron benefits here!

As a full-time creator, I spend most of my days working on ways to deliver engaging, educational, and inspirational content. Today, I couldn’t be more excited to launch the Watch Studies Patreon page as a way to extend my mission and continue contributing to the way this community chases its creative ambitions.

Support Watch Studies on Patreon

Thank you in advance for all your support!


Introducing a new way to grow with Watch Studies

Members get more tutorials, discounts, and downloads

Become a Watch Studies member and get access to behind-the-scenes content, downloadable tools, early access to new products, member-only discounts for brands that I work with, and a growing list of other perks to help kick your creator journey up a notch.
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