How to create flecto (reflections) in your watch photos

How to create flecto (reflections) in your watch photos

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This tutorial was originally published on Instagram Stories. You can find it in its original format as a highlight on the Watch Studies Instagram profile.

How to create beautiful reflections in your watch photos

I love lingo. Wrist checks. Flatlays. Table shots. Terms and concepts that, when taken out of the specific contexts in which they were derived, mean absolutely nothing. They're fun and represent a certain sense of togetherness amongst a community of people with a shared passion. Have I mentioned I was a content strategist in a past life?

That said, one downside to domain-specific language is its lack of inclusiveness to those outside of the domain. While there's a bit of pride in being an insider, we should also actively work towards keeping the figurative doors to our craft as wide open as possible. The more the merrier, as they say.

Today's tutorial does a bit of this. It takes a commonly used piece of lingo (flecto) and demystifies it a bit into a more accessible concept (beautifully manicured reflections on a watch crystal). Enjoy!

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