July features: seashells, duffels, and smoke

July features: seashells, duffels, and smoke

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Every month, I highlight my favorite Study Club submissions, lesser seen accounts, and a more diverse selection of creators across the watch community. Want to get featured? Make sure to tag your posts with #watchstudies!

Monthly features get more difficult every month. Not only are there more and more shots to sift through (thank you for the 4500+ posts on #watchstudies!), but the calibre of work continues to ascend sharply over time. These are both fantastic things to see.

Part of the goal of my monthly features is also to highlight lesser seen content. This means fresh accounts, uncommon timepieces, and more diverse creators. The latter is especially important to my mission of making watch photography more accessible to everyone.

So with all this factored in, whittling down a month's worth of amazing talent into 14 shots is a very intimidating feat. But alas, here we are. Enjoy this quick trip down memory lane filled with beautiful watch photography from July!

Blue with envy. What does a Milgauss and a perfectly rolled cuff have in common? They both make this wrist shot absolutely hypnotizing.


A new side to the table shot. I still love seeing fresh takes on the table shot, even if it just means a hand coming in from a different side.


All in. When you've got the props that perfectly match your watch, flaunt it! Love how the red text on the dials tells us this isn't just a black and white shot.


Pocket shot perfection. This might be my favorite recent pocket shot. Between the layers, textures, colors and modeling, every detail is just perfectly executed.


Against the elements. Water makes every watch shot better. There, I said it.


Rich with details. It takes a lot of skill to pack a shot with so much detail without taking away from the focal point. The power of contrast is in full effect here.


Holy smokes. This shot is a crash course on how to step up every part of your watch photography.


In the bag. There was no shortage of amazing duffel bag shots to choose from, but few had so many details perfectly executed (including that flecto!).


Layers for days. Another stellar duffel bag shot, this time featuring a perfectly curated set of textured layers to add all the depth that this shot style craves.


Peekaboo. The playfulness of this arrangement is a great reminder of how fun watches are supposed to be. Also, love love love those colors!


Flatlay checklist. Tightly packed. Textures everywhere. Beautiful tones. Moody but balanced lighting. CAMERAS!! Check check check check and check.


Best of all worlds. I love seeing watch photography blended with other styles of photography (street and fashion photography, in this case).


Bringing sexy backs. I don't come across many moody caseback shots but I feel confident saying that this is one of my favorites.


No color needed. If you're going to go black and white, this is the way to do it.


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