June features: jackets, pockets, treasures, and headdresses

June features: jackets, pockets, treasures, and headdresses

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Every month, I highlight my favorite Study Club submissions, lesser seen accounts, and a more diverse selection of creators across the watch community. Want to get featured? Make sure to tag your posts with #watchstudies!

This community is spilling over with talent! What’s more, it’s filled with creators who are committed to chasing their passions and improving their craft. I’M HERE FOR IT!

Chosen from a wonderful selection of jacket shots, pocket shots, parrot shots, and just all around awesome shots, here are my June highlights from the #watchstudies community and beyond!

A perfect pair. Ready for whatever the day has in store with this quilted jacket and greyed out GA2100!


Good vibes only. No biggie, just a perfectly styled third person Speedy wrist shot. ✨


Yep, still a pocket shot. Loved seeing all the creative pocket shots during #pocketshotweek, including this cozy stunner!


Brighten up the feed. The summer vibes are in full swing right here! If you look closely at this pocket shot, the watch says it’s time to hit the patio.


Best treasure ever. Tones, props, grit. This shot has it all! There’s a story here and I need to hear it.


Plexi crystal ftw. More like watchMOOD1984, amirite? This flatlay nails all the details, including that soft plexi flecto.


Two tone gold. Big flecto flex with this perfectly executed lighting. Oh, and the two tone explorer is pretty decent, too. 🙃


Black on black, yes please. I’m a sucker for... everything in this shot.


Flippin' good. As if I needed more reasons to love Cartier. This is a stellar third person wrist shot!


Parrot perfection. I may have coined the parrot shot term, but man do I have a lot to learn on how to master it. JUST LOOK AT THIS.


I can't stop staring. The colors, the pattern, the details!


Self portrait queen. Just casually telling the rest of us that we need to step up our #watchesandheaddresses game.


Cinematic eye candy. If you told me this was a frame out of a dramatic movie, I’d believe you.


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