Why They Work: Dissecting 3 beautiful watch photos

Why They Work: Dissecting 3 beautiful watch photos

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This tutorial was originally published on Instagram Stories. You can find it in its original format as a highlight on the Watch Studies Instagram profile.

Achieving mastery in a craft involves a lot more than just performing the craft itself. It involves understanding the craft, which consequentially involves the ability to articulate the ins and outs of the craft. And not just in your head. Out loud.

It's easy enough for any of us to do what we do and get by without really knowing what we've done. Sure, we think we know what we're doing, but tasked with the need to explain it to someone else or put it down in writing, and we'll more often than not find ourselves surprisingly stumped.

And so, in our work, whatever that work is, we do ourselves a disservice by not asking why more often. It's in the pursuit of asking why great work is great that we edge closer to achieving mastery.

In this spirit, I was excited to start this new segment, which I'm calling Why They Work. Here's the first installment where I dissect 3 beautifully shot photos from the community and interpret what I think makes them effective. Enjoy!

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