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APTITLIG Bamboo Chopping Board by IKEA

APTITLIG Bamboo Chopping Board by IKEA

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I'm now the kind of guy that wanders through IKEA to shop for children's furniture while quietly assessing every item's potential to be a photography prop. You'll be surprised by how many common items can live a second life in front of your lens, and this cutting board, affectionately named APTITLIG by everyone's favorite Swedish home furniture brand, is a perfect example.

Truthfully, any cutting board or wood serving platter (I see you, you fancy charcuterie-eating friends!) will do the job as long as the surface area is big enough to stage your items. I picked up this one (for less than most of my staging props, might I add) because it offered a richer teak-like surface (it's actually bamboo) compared to my wooden plaque. Don't forget the meatballs on the way out.

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