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MTW Fanny Sling by Moment

MTW Fanny Sling by Moment

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Like camera bags, there are an infinite amount of options when it comes to slings (aka fanny packs… but that sounds way less cool to say). However, as far as I know, there are not many that were created specifically for photography. And that’s where this MTW Fanny Sling by Moment comes in.

Moment’s roots are in making high quality mobile lenses, and that extends right into the design of this sling. While I don’t make use of the mobile lens slots today, I do appreciate the little details that tell me that Moment made this for photographers on the go. In particular, the tethered lens cloth, SD card slots, and external straps to carry my gorilla pod get a lot of mileage. It fits my X100V like a glove, but I’ve even used it to carry my X-T2 or X-T4 with a 35mm or 56mm lens attached.

Minimal branding, blacked out aesthetic, and waterproof zippers made this a dead simple decision for me.

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