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Vanta – Preset Pack for Adobe Lightroom

Vanta – Preset Pack for Adobe Lightroom

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The signature dark and moody aesthetic from Watch Studies is now available for download as a Preset Pack for Adobe Lightroom on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

This collection of presets is aptly named after one of the darkest substances in the world but also features soft shadows, dynamic tones, and gritty textures to help you create the perfect narrative for your photos. Variants to fully desaturate blues, purples, and magentas (or BPM) are also included for the true Watch Studies purists.


See this preset in action by moving the sliders back and forth.

Range of Styles

Vanta includes 6 presets for you to create with:

  • V1 Base
  • V2 Base -B (desaturated blue)
  • V3 Base -BPM (desaturated blue, purple, magenta)
  • V4 Fade
  • V5 Fade -B (desaturated blue)
  • V6 Fade -BPM (desaturated blue, purple, magenta)

Additionally, Vanta comes with the following utility presets:

  • U1 Reset: Reset any adjustments made by Vanta so you can cleanly switch between looks.
  • U2 Reset Color Mix: Reset all values in the Color Mix panel so you can customize it yourself or stick to the out-of-camera color profile.

These presets are the exact ones I use every single day and represent all the insights I’ve collected over the years around creating beautiful photos. Take them, use them, and make them your own. Never stop creating!

Compatibility and Installation

Vanta is compatible with Adobe Lightroom on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Installation steps differ depending on the version and device you're using.

File Delivery

Preset files will be available for download immediately after purchase.

Free Updates

Updates to this preset pack will forever be free. When there are updates, files and instructions will be sent out to the same email address used to make the purchase.

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