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X100V by Fujifilm

X100V by Fujifilm

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Limitations are a powerful fuel for creativity. Despite how they’re commonly perceived, limitations can act as a tool to help you isolate variables. And if you’re a math person, or spent enough time as a kid being forced to be one, you’d understand the value of solving for fewer things at once.

Prime lenses do this by giving you a single focal length to orient yourself around. One less thing to worry about and more energy directed at what matters most (say, the actual subject). The camera-equivalent of this is a fixed lens system. And that’s the beauty of the X100V. It’s the no frills, no hassles, no questions, pickup and go camera in my kit. Another decision (what lens should I use?) out the window. Beauty.

And at 23mm, the fixed prime in the X100V squeezes perfectly between the 16mm, 35mm, and 56mm lenses I use with my X-T2 and X-T4. Wide enough to shoot architecture and landscapes, but not so wide that I couldn’t shoot a portrait or do some product photography. Perfect.

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