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XF35mm F2 R WR lens by Fujifilm

XF35mm F2 R WR lens by Fujifilm

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I prefer to shoot with prime lenses. It’s the street photographer in me that enjoys the idea of moving my body rather than a mechanical ring to frame a shot properly. It creates a more physical and often more emotional bond with the subject matter. It makes photography feel more interactive, like a tango. And in the dance that is photography, the 35mm is my go-to pair of sparkly shoes.

As a focal length, a 50mm full-frame equivalent is anything but sparkly though. It’s actually a pretty average mid range focal length. But that’s exactly where it gets its versatility from. For streets, portraits, and of course, watches — this 35mm has never let me down. Heading out the door with no particular agenda? 35mm. Packing light for a quick trip out of the city? 35mm. Snapping an ad hoc wrist check? You get the point. 35mm!

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